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    10 Children’s Room Ideas That Will Make You The Coolest Parent In Town


    Bring the allure of a tree house, and a reverse bunk bed into your child’s room. With the right artist, all you need to do is have your child pick out their favorite scenery picture and transfer into a massive wall painting. They will love the fact that the bed is hanging from the ceiling, giving that up in the air tree house feel, with the complete seclusion of a tree house.


    Want a play room and a bedroom all in one? Here is the ultimate answer! Divide your child’s room into two sections. Part A will be the bed and desk, decorated however fits your child’s needs/personality. The second part of the room is your child’s own sanctuary- complete with bookshelves, board games, and the best part of this room: swinging chairs! Your kids can either lounge in them reading a book, or just swing around to have some fun.


    Bring the carnival into your children’s bedroom with this unique take on storage. You can build your very own ferris wheel to hold all of your child’s toys/books/games. It even spins like a real ferris wheel- just make sure the kids don’t try and sit in it because there is a weight limit!

    60 Magical Kids Rooms @styleestate

    Give every princess the room she deserves with this majestic fairy-tale room. Complete with the perfect Cinderalla bed (I wouldn’t mind sleeping in that as an adult!) with stair leading up to it to make your daughter feel like the royalty she is! You can even paint the closet doors to match the bed and complete this room into her own person castle.


    Here’s another playroom/bedroom combo perfect for kids who love the water. The Aquarium playground themed room has another reverse bunk bed, so the kids can look out below into their awesome room! The bottom is utilized and a mini trampoline, so your kids can “jump on the bed” without the negative repercussions, all the while wearing them out! It’s a win win for everyone.


    Once again this room is perfect for the outdoor lover in your life. Simply installing green carpet gives the illusion of grass. After that find some mushroom stools perfect to play around and sit on! The custom wooden bunk bed looks like it belongs in a tree making you child feel like their truly outside. Last but not least, the indoor tree swing, complete with fake vine is the perfect touch this this already perfect outdoor room!


    Here is the ultimate room for the construction lover in your life. This bed alone will make him feel like he can conquer anything sitting high up inside his own personal digger. He gets to climb tall and open up the door every night as he crawls into bed.


    Every car lover’s dream is behind the doors of this ultimate room. Complete with the ultimate red race car bed frame, your child will feel like he can conquer the streets- and in style! The red furniture accents the theme, without overpowering the entire room. The split level aspect gives the perfect opportunity for the road ramp, and maybe will even give your child that extra motivation to sit at his desk and finish all the homework!


    Girly and outdoorsy. Two potential opposite ends of the spectrum, combined into one beautiful room. Plus, it includes a circle bed, who doesn’t want a circle bed in their room?! The subtle rock pathway and wooden border around the bed give this feminine room the perfect touch of the great outdoors. The hammock like pink canopy and vines also add great design, and help the overall flow of the room. Your little girl can have her own sanctuary to walk into every night.


    Give your little girl the perfect mix between princess royalty and fun. She will feel like a queen in her very own castle bunk bed. She has the option of playing with her dolls under the bed, and even has her very own rapunzle-esq tower to climb into every night when she gets into bed. Best part about this is the opportunity to slide down her very own slide. How can you not wake up happy knowing you get to slide down a slide every morning?!







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