20 Cheap and Easy Storage Ideas


    1) Power Strip Storage


    No one likes the annoying power
    strips bundling up and causing an
    eye sore under a desk. To keep
    them out of sight and out of mind,
    simply hang a wire basket under your
    desk and drill a hole (if one is not
    already there) for all the cords to
    fall right into your basket- not on
    the floor! This is also an amazing
    solution for short cords that don’t
    quite reach your desk without an
    extension, like a phone charger.



    2) Wine Case Shoe Storage

    This is completely free, and helps
    de-clutter shoes! All you need to
    do is go to your local grocery
    store or even bars and restaurants
    and ask for a few wine case boxes.
    It is simple,cheap, and effective.
    The size is perfect for loose items,
    such as shoes, and if you want to
    get crafty you can decorate the
    box however you please!





    3) Garden Mailbox Tool Shed


    Instead of having all your garden
    tools scattered around, keep
    everything in one very unique
    place- a vintage mailbox! It will
    add charming accent to your garden,
    and make it one of a kind, all
    the while storing all  your garden
    needs in one spot and keeping them
    dry and rust free!





     4) Easy Baggie Storage


     Instead of having your boxes
    of Ziploc bags all over the
    place, and rummaging through
    them, a simple fix is to simply
    put push pins to hang your
    wherever you want to hang them.
    It de-cluterrs all the while
    giving you easy access to grab
    whatever size bag you need!





    5) Sneaky Ironing Board Storage

    storage21Everyone always struggles with where
    to put an ironing board. They are big,
    bulky, and quite unsightly. They have
    a knack for getting in the way…more
    often times than you would wish! A
    crazy simple fix? Robe Hooks! You can
    either put them directly on a wall, or put
    them on a decorated board first. Whatever
    the case, your ironing board will be
    stowed away, and looking awesome
    at the time time!





    6) Clever Lid Storage


     Lids are always a nuisance.
    No one wants to deal with
    trying to find what pot you
    need, only to have to rummage
    through all the lids to find
    the matching one! A simple
    fix is to just install metal
    towel bars inside a pantry
    door and stow the lids away!





    7) DIY Ball Storage

    storage19With this DIY Project all you
    need is a few pieces of wood
    and a pack of bungee cords,
    and just like that you can have
    your very own section in the garage
    to store balls, but also have easy
    access to them.





    8) Outside Pool Rack


    You can purchase one of these
    on etsy, but if you or someone
    you know is a handy man, you
    can make something similar
    with PVC pipe! This is a beyond
    perfect resting spot for wet
    towels,swimsuits, etc; which
    is a better alternative to wet
    swimsuits & towels all over the
    place never really drying off!





    9) Hidden Toothbrush Storage


    Bathrooms are a breeding source
    for all sorts of bacteria. A major
    contributor to catch bacteria is
    toothbrushes out in the open.
    If you have a medicine cabinet
    here is a simple way to hold your
    toothbrushes and keep them away
    from breeding grounds for bacteria!





    10) Wine Rack Towel Holder


    This is rather self explanatory.
    Wall mounted wine racks seem to hold
    rolled towels like  champ, and its
    aesthetically pleasing on the eyes!
    If you have a small bathroom with not
    enough cupboard space, but a free wall
    this is the perfect opportunity
    to create space, and look nice!





    11) DIY Flip Flop Storage


    This is an easy, budget friendly
    crafting project to keep your flips
    flops neatly organized and out of
    the way! If you have a couple of wire
    hangers, and pliers around- you’re in
    luck! Just simply cut and shape and
    bada-bing-bada-boom hi flip flop
    hangers! If you want to take it a
    step further you can add ribbon (as
    seen to the left) or spray paint your
    hangers whatever color you wish,
    the options are endless!





    12) Tackle box Battery Storage


    Batteries are always hard to find,
    and you never know if they are old
    or new. Luckily there is a perfect
    solution: Use a tackle box for all
    your battery needs! The individual
    compartments are perfect for
    separating your batteries by
    their type and size!






    13) Magnetic Strip Bathroom Storage


    If you live with a female, you know
    that bobby-pins will be found any and
    every where! As perfect as they are for
    hair, storing and keeping them in one
    spot is next to impossible! But fear not,
    for you bobby-pins now have a new home!
    Simply put a magnetic strip on the inside
    of a medicine cabinet or drawer, and just
    like that your bobby-pins have a spot to
    call home that is not all over your floor!





    14)  Re-purposed Shoe Organizer


    Shoe organizers are so versatile,
    they can work for many things
    other than actual shoes! You can
    use it in the laundry room for
    cleaning supplies (pictured right),
    in the garage for spray paint and
    tools, in the kids rooms for toys,
    the options are endless! They’re
    ideal for small spaces, because
    they take up unused wall or
    door space.





    15) Pillow Case Storage


    Sheets are incredibly tough
    to fold in general, and
    stacking them is everyone’s
    own personal nightmare. An
    incredibly easy, and very
    appealing solution is to simply
    tuck the folded sheets into
    matching pillow cases,
    BOOM problem solved!





    16)  File Box Appliance Storage


    Many females have a bad habit
    of leaving their hair dryer/curling/
    straightening iron on the counter
    to let it cool down, only to not put
    it back and have it clutter up counter
    space. A simple fix is using a metal
    file box! Just attach it to the side of
    a counter for easy access, but also
    making clearing up counter space!





    17) DIY Christmas Ornament Storage


    Storing ornaments is another
    nightmare for many people.
    A very cheap way to store the
    fragile ones is to just glue
    plastic cups to cardboard, and
    then stack them in a storage bin!
    If you want to keep up with the
    Christmas theme you can simply
    alternate red and green cardboard!





    18) Recycled Creamer Bottles


    Most people have extra
    coffee creamer bottles
    lying around, and usually
    end up recycling them.
    These bottles are actually
    perfect for storing snacks
    to either store in the
    pantry or take on the go!





    19) Dinner Plate Cradles


    Instead of stacking nice,
    heavy plates on top of each
    other, investing in a few
    dinner plate cradles could
    save you time and money.
    It makes pulling out the
    plates more convenient, and
    can also double as drying racks!





    20) Wine Rack Office Organizer

    Use stack-able rastorageeecks from Pier 1
    and any kind of assortment of cups
    to store all your office/crafts/ kids
    supplies in one place! It easy to take
    advantage of the vertical space and
    stack as many as you need to keep
    everything just an arms-reach away!

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