7 Halloween Crafts For Kids

    Balloon Spider Web



    Materials Needed:

    1. Newspaper
    2. 9-inch Balloons
    3. Thin Black (or white) Yarn
    4. Paper Crafts Glue (Make sure it dries clear)
    5. Water
    6. String
    7. Tweezers
    8. Hot Glue Gun
    9. Plastic Spiders






    Cover work surface with newspaper. Blow up 9-inch balloon and tie off in a knot. Cut twenty 6-foot pieces of black or white yarn. Mix together equal portions of glue and water; mix well. Dip a piece of yarn into mixture and soak thoroughly, making sure not to tangle the yarn. Pull out and gently squeeze off excess glue by running yarn between index finger and thumb. Wrap the yarn around the balloon in an irregular pattern. Continue with remaining yarn pieces, tucking in the end of each piece beneath the yarn layers. Tie a length of string around the balloon knot. Hang up balloon and let dry completely. (Put newspaper under the balloon to catch any drips.) Once the glue is completely dry, pop the balloon and use tweezers to pull out the deflated balloon and any glue residue between yarn pieces. Hot-glue plastic spiders to the web, and tie a piece of string to the top to use as a hanger.

    Paper Plate Ghosts



    Materials Needed:

    1. White Paper Plates
    2. Black Sharpie/Marker
    3. White Tissue Strips
    4. Glue





    Give each kid a white paper plate and a black sharpie (marker if they’re younger). Next they can either draw their own ghost faces, or for the little ones draw out dash circles in pencil for them to trace and color in. Once they are done coloring have them grab a handful of white tissue paper strips and have them glue them onto the bottom of the paper plates.

    Painted Pumpkin Witch


    Materials Needed:

    1. Newspaper
    2. Pumpkin (any size)
    3. Green Metallic Paint
    4. White, Black, adn Red Paint
    5. Small, Medium, and Large Paintbrushes
    6. Black Cardboard
    7. Hot Glue Gun
    8. Yarn (for hair so whatever color you choose)
    9. Glitter Glue Pen



    Start with spreading your newspaper outside in an open area. Next put your pumpkin in the middle of the newspaper and lay out a bowl of the green metallic paint. Paint the entire pumpkin green, coating 2-3 times, let dry. Once the green base layer is dry you can start painting the face using the pumpkin stem as the nose. For the hat you simply roll a black piece of cardboard into a cone shape. Glue the cone onto another piece of black cardboard. Make a circle 3-4 inches past the cone circle and cut off any excess. Decorate the hat with a glitter glue pen. Lastly glue the yarn onto the pumpkin and then set the hat over the glued part.

    Egg Carton Bats



    Materials Needed:

    1. Newspaper
    2. Recycled Egg Cartons
    3. Black Paint
    4. Paste On Googly-Eyes
    5. Hot Glue Gun
    6. Scissors
    7. String



    Start with cutting your egg carton into sections of 3. Cut triangles along the bottom of the left and right egg spots, leaving the middle area alone (see above picture). Lay out newspaper in a designated craft area and set the pre-cut cartons out. Have your kids paint the entire carton black and let dry. Once cartons are completely dry assist with gluing the eyes onto the middle carton space. Cut a small hole into the middle of the middle carton. Tie a string through and hang up your bats!

    Milk Jug Ghost



    Materials Needed:

    1. Recycled Gallon Milk Jugs
    2. Black and White Paper
    3. Exacto-Knife
    4. Flashlight




    Pre-cut a half circle in the back of a recycled gallon milk jug with an exacto-knife(under the handle). Have your kids draw and cut the eyes and mouth of the ghosts. Once finished glue onto the front of the jug. Turn a flashlight on and stick it into the back hole to light up your ghost.

    Toilet Paper Roll Monsters



    Materials Needed:

    1. Colored Paper
    2. Sciscors
    3. Glue
    4. Markers




    Lets your kids imagination run wild with this simple DIY craft! Let them choose to decorate their monster however they feel necessary, and you can always use the above picture as a reference!

    Mason-Jar Mummy Candle



    Materials Needed:

    1. Mason Jar
    2. White Tissue Paper
    3. Paste On Googly Eyes
    4. Hot Glue Gun
    5. Teacup Candles




    Carefully glue white tissue paper around a mason jar, layering over each other. Once dry glue on googly eyes to the front. Set a candle on the inside to give the perfect amount of *scary* ambiance.








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