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    8 Amazing Ways To Utilize The Extra Space Under Your Stairs

    1) Entertainment


    ♦ This utilizes the space under the stairs making built-in shelves for your very own personalized entertainment nook.

    2) Reading Nook


    ♦ This set-up is perfect for the book lovers out there. You have your very own reading nook, complete with built-in shelves.

    3) Desk


    ♦ This spot is perfect for the at home worker who did not want to designate an entire room into a home office. This area is complete with an L-Shaped desk, shelves above and plenty of cabinet space.

    4) Wine Rack


    ♦ This design is perfect for any wine lovers out there. You have the freedom the determine the size and shape of each compartment, and can even designate an area specifically for wine glasses.

    5) Magazine/Book shelves


    ♦ If you already have your own personal reading nook in your home, the next best option is an entire under the stairs bookshelf! This is a new twist on standard bookshelves that can clutter up your home.

    6) Restroom


    ♦ No one will ever complain of having too many bathrooms in a home. And this is just the spot to utilize

    7) Dog Kennel


    ♦ For the dog lovers in this world who don’t like the look of bulky cages this is the perfect area to lock away your dogs!

    8) Washer and Dryer


    ♦ Who said you have to have an actual room for your washer and dryer?! This is the perfect fit, and even super close to the stairs so you can take your fresh clean clothes right on upstairs!

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