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    16 Christmas Crafts For The Family

    1) Light-Up Candle Snowman Ornament


    Find a different use for
    those small LED lights
    laying around your house!
    All you need is red ribbon,
    a small decorative hat,
    and a sharpie.




     2)  Light Bulb Penguin Ornament


    Paint and String are all
    you need to make this
    adorable penguin! You
    can make a waddle of penguins
    or just a solo one,
    it’s all up to you!




     3) Button Ornaments


    Got a lot of old buttons laying
    around? We have the perfect solution!
    Gather some string and make your own
    little personalized button Christmas tree.
    Use different sizes to form the shape
    however you would like!




    4) Baby Foot Prints Ornament 


    This Adorable ornament is not
    only cute, its also very
    sentimental! All you need is a
    safe paint to put on your baby’s
    feet and stamp them onto a plain
    ornament. This is a gift to
    treasure forever!




    5) Candy Cane Food Labels


    Simply join together 3 candy
    canes and make place cards to
    either let your guests know where
    they are sitting, or what delicious
    entree they are about to indulge in!




     6) Candy Cane Puzzle


    Some paint, glue,
    and string are all
    you need to make this
    adorable candy cane
    puzzle ornament!




     7) Christmas Tree silverware Holders


    Instead of bland napkins as
    silverware holders, you can
    use this simple, yet cute idea.
    All you need is some felt and a
    steady hand to make this wonderful
    holder! If you’re super crafty, go
    ahead and get creative with the designs!




    8) Triangle Popsicle Stick Ornament



    Green Markers, Paint, Glitter,
    and some Paper are the key
    ingredients to this simple
    triangle Christmas Tree!
    If you have older children,
    you can make the tree more
    complex to get their creative
    juices flowing!




    9) Lunch Bag Reindeer Puppet



    A creative mind, a lunch sack,
    and some paper are all you need
    to change this boring brown bag
    into an adorable reindeer puppet!




    10) Candy Cane Reindeer



    This is a simple and easy
    decoration for you and your
    kids to do together. Some
    glue, googly eyes, red nose,
    brown yarn, and candy canes
    are all you need to make
    this nifty take on a




    11) Wooden Snowmen



    If You have extra wooden planks
    around, seize the opportunity and
    turn them into little wooden snowmen
    planks! Distress paint them white,
    color in the eyes and nose, add
    decorative hats and scarves and there
    you have your wooden snowmen!




     12) Colorful Pine Cone Wreath


    If you have a lot of pine cones
    in your front yard, this is the
    perfect project! You just spray
    paint the pine cones multiple
    colors (any of your choosing),
    and attach onto a wreath!




    13) Snowman Fridge





    This is a cute and fun idea,
    especially if you have younger
    kids in the house. You just need
    black and orange felt, cups to
    trace, and ribbon.  Trace and cut
    out the circles and nose, and
    secure on the fridge. Secure
    ribbon across the front of the
    fridge, and there you have
    your snowman fridge!




    14) Pine Cone Christmas Tree



    A simple pine cone, and a mini
    flower pot are simply all you
    need to make this Christmas tree!
    Just spray paint the pine cone green,
    and add white tips. Stick a star on
    top and there you have your very own
    mini tree!





    15) Light-Up Milk Jug


    Instead of throwing out your old milk
    containers, turn them into something
    cute and cheerful! You just put twine
    over the top, secure with pom-poms, cut
    out black circles and an orange carrot
    nose and secure on. Put white lights inside,
    cut a hole in the back and there you have it!




    16) Reindeer Candy Holder



    A small flower pot, some paint, Popsicle
    sticks, pom-pom ball, and colored paper
    are all you need to make this cute little
    reindeer candy holder! Just paint the base
    brown, the top white, clue Popsicle sticks
    to make the antlers, and decorate as you
    feel necessary!












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