DIY Weekend Project: Mason Jars


    1)  DIY Mason Bathroom Storage Jars


    ♦ Spray paint the lids (outside only) of your mason jars white, let dry

    ♦ Get a crazy glue that adheres to metal, and glue the crystal knobs in the center

    ♦ Fill each jar with bathroom necessities


    2) DIY Bug Repellent Mason Jar Luminaries


    Line up your 4 mason jars and do as follows:

    ♦ Slice the lemons and the limes and set aside for a moment.

    ♦ Place two sprigs of rosemary  into each jar

    ♦ Fill each jar 3/4 full with water

    ♦ Add the essential oils of your choice  – 10 drops each per jar – and swirl slightly

    ♦ Place a slice each of lemon and lime into each jar

    ♦ Add more water if needed to raise the level to almost full

    ♦ Place a floating tea light candle on top

    ♦ Set outside, light and enjoy!

    Discard fruit and liquid in jar after 2 – 3 days depending on your climate; rinse jars and start fresh as needed


    3) DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden




    All you need to do is simply fill the pots half-way up with soild, and then your plants/herbs of choice! Easy Peasy!




    4) DIY Mason Jar Silverware Caddy


    ♦ Choose your color scheme and paint all 3 mason jars, let dry

    ♦ Use twine or ribbon to secure all the mason jars in a triangle

    ♦ Fill with Utensils that you are using, and there you have your perfect trifecta!

    5) DIY Mason Jar Wall Vases


    ♦ Paint wooden palette with acrylic paint. Allow to dry.

    ♦ Glue mason jars and mini chalk boards to palette, refer to photo for placement.

    ♦ Tie twine around neck of mason jars. Trim excess.

    ♦ Write “SAVE”?, “SPEND”? and “GIVE”? on mini chalkboards.











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