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    Selling Your Home Using Social Media


    If done right, the mere attempt at social media will create buzz, let alone bring contacts directly through such platforms as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+ and more.

    Kiev, Ukraine - August 26, 2013 - A collection of well-known social media brands printed on paper and placed on plastic signs. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Tumblr logos.

    Link It: Just announcing your home is for sale on every social media site is ineffective. You must create a link.

    The easier it is for a person to access your information and forward it to friends, the better. If you are selling through a good real estate company chances are they have photographed your home and posted it on their listings page, Facebook, and possibly other home selling websites. All your social media should link to this information.


    If somehow your home selling information is not on a website, make your own page.

    You can make a page using one or more of the social media platforms available, or create a site using one of the many easy to build website creators. And make sure you include pictures and a room by room video tour of your clean house.


    Use Twitter and Instagram:download (15) 

    These two social media platforms are the best choice for real estate information blasts. Using photos and videos with clever, even humorous comments helps people understand who the seller really is. Many potential buyers are fearful of people hiding behind problem homes, so when a true personality shines through, viewers are more apt to want to do business with that individual.


    Keep your posts short, to the point and minimal.

    It’s also important not to repetitively post your home. Some friends (i.e. potential buyers or friends of potential buyers) may get annoyed and end up hiding your news feed or unfriend you altogether- which is definitely not the end goal! Usually once or twice per week will keep the ball rolling by providing updates on possible renovations, price changes, curbside appeal and other facts about your home and area. If you are careful and savvy, buzz can really start to pick up.


    Think Outside The Box: 

    Go beyond only posting your home and send out pictures and/or videos of your neighborhood. Mention the school rating, how far public transportation is from your door and other attractive amenities that will make purchasing your home more appealing.


    Some home sellers have even gone as far as identifying celebrities that live nearby, or historic landmarks in the area.

    Others show images of their home during different seasons. All of these are clever additions that real estate agents may not have thought about including.

    Appeal to Your Friends: 

    Without sounding desperate, it’s worth a try to post a well-crafted call for help to your social media friends. Describe in as few sentences as possible how you are reaching out to anyone interested or who may know someone interested in your property. You may be surprised at how many people step up with names and ideas that will help you.


    Safety, Safety, Safety! 

    Social media is still the wild west of the Internet, therefore be very careful how much information you hand out. Tell your friends to share your house selling information with only their trusted friends, and never to post comments about when you are out of town or if your home is vacant.


    Finally…keep your posts fun and to the point.

    Make your social media friends feel like they are part of the big picture and you may be able to sell your home faster than you ever expected.

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