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    Weekend DIY: Thanksgiving Edition

    Floral Centerpiece




    *Instead of just filling a vase with water,

    pop some mini pumpkins in before the

    flowers for a jaw-dropping, elegant design*





    Light-Up Leaf Garland



    *Break out those Christmas lights early

    and wrap them with a leaf garland as a

    festive fall decoration for your






    Cinnamon Stick Candles


    *All you need is cinnamon sticks

    and some twine for an instant fall feeling,

    not to mention wonderful smells!*






    Give Thanks Jar




    *Make sure everyone is being thankful

    by setting this one up by the door and

     have all your guests take a Popsicle

    stick with a reminder you wrote on it.*





    Pumpkin Tumblers



    *Break out the glass tumblers,

    fill them with different pumpkins

    and just like that you have decorations

    or centerpieces!*






    Reese’s Pieces Turkey




    *Grab a clear bowl fill it with Reese’s Pieces,

    and have your kids trace their hand prints

    to tape on the back. Decorate the front with a

    nose and eyes, and there you have your

    candy filled Turkey!*




    Pumpkin Place Cards





    *Instead of traditional place

    cards, add a little more flare by

    getting mini Pumpkins to decide

    who sits where!*






    Utensil Holder Mason Jars




    *This is versatile, and cute!

    Simply fill a mason jar up with your

    favorite fall inspired candy tie some

    twine above the top, and you have

     a unique utensil holder!*






    Cranberry Candle Holders




    *Use those extra cranberries

    from your stuffing and add

    elegance to simple candles!*




    Pine Cone Ornament





    *Lastly is a slight twist on the traditional

    door wreath. Find durable ribbon, sturdy

    Pine Cones, tie them all together and just

    like that your door is cute and inviting!*


















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